ONES has started cosmetic business with bioscience lab manufacturing microcapsule and microcapsule where active materials, new ingredients to improve skin condition are included. Customers are attracted by unique shape and color of our encapsulated products which are made by ONES' main technology.

ONES Cosmetics R&D center

Established in 1995, R&D center has a technology network is utilized to develop high-quality skin-care and make-up products. ONES technology which is the root of numerous cosmetic brands has its basis on Skin-care R&D center. With the best researchers, Cosmetics R&D centers built the basis of skin care products. ONES combines Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals on cosmetics technology, try to lead the innovation on cosmetics field.

ONES Molecular Biology Research Center

ONES Molecular Biology Research Center is specialist in DNA analysis and health screening Kit. R&D workforce is working to develop variety healthcare materials, IMDs and cosmeceuticals as well as methods for analysis and test validation. 


Our customers trust our advanced production systems and thorough quality control certified by CGMP and ISO22716.